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The Benefits of Installing a Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters come as the best way to downsize those heating bills. The big problem with those bills is that they’re not that high so you’re not exactly conscious of just how much money gets thrown away. At some point, though, you realize that all those repairs, water heater parts replacements and especially all those bills are adding up to a very costly way to take care of your hot water supply. Another phenomenon is the fact that in order to downsize your bills you need […]

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Common Kinds of Solar Water Heaters

And the concept has become also applied to drinking water heaters, bringing solar powered ones to the market. Let’s see how these types of solar powered heaters work and what different kinds exist. Active solar water heaters can be found in two different types: immediate circulation systems and roundabout circulation systems. Direct circulation systems heat water in the storage tank and the actual circulating pumps move it forward to the house. But these techniques aren’t successful in places where water gets freezing often. Indirect circulation systems were […]

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Building a Solar Water Heater

It’s entirely possible to heat your water with solar energy, while saving money on your energy bill. You can also help clean up the environment by using solar power instead of using polluting fossil fuels. And if you want, you can even build your own solar water heater. Building a solar hot water heater is actually not that hard. Although there are many designs and systems for solar water heaters, a few of them are relatively simple. It’s the ideal do-it-yourself project, if you are so inclined. […]

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